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SPELLS: Water energies – What kind of water should I use?

Water is one of the most vital Element for sustaining life. In many Pagan traditions—as in other religions—water is considered a sacred and holy item.  Related with the Moon, dreams, psychic abilities, and emotions. The Water Element is a shape shifter: It can exist not only as a liquid, but also as a solid in the […]

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People reveal if they use curses/hexes in their magic (GALLERY)

A curse is a spell that is targeted directly at a person or place and is meant to cause harm. People believe that a hex is something that makes their life harder that it could be. In their opinion, a hexed person is an unlucky or depressed one. However, a hex may be much more […]

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People share their best advice for a baby witch (GALLERY)

Lately I’ve noticed a lot of baby witches asking for general advises all over the internet.Do I’ve compiled some tips from the people who are practicing Wicca and share their knowledge from their previous experience. Gallery of people sharing things they wish they knew when they begin this path, that would be useful for baby […]

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people who have experienced witchcraft

People share their experiences with witchcraft (GALLERY)

Witchcraft is some intense stuff. Some beautiful, transforming, powerful stuff, awesome in the biblical sense, but honestly I still feel a little unnerved when traversing the unknown and unseen. Some people have been into witchcraft for a long time. Others feels like there is something really special and deep to be found in this craft, but […]

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acorn lore

Acorn Folklore

Acorn lore The acorns are beginning to fall. They have long been used as magical, sacred tools by witches and were important to the ancient Celts and their priests: the druids.  For the druids, oaks are sacred and acorns symbolize the magic of rebirth.  Moreover, acorns are found in many traditions and myths: from the […]

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candle and skull during the ritual of Sabbat

Wiccan celebrations – Sabbats (I)

Wiccans look at the year as the continuing and repeating story of life, death and rebirth of the God and the fertility of the Goddess.  The Sabbats celebrate the eternal circle of life – they are attuned to the natural rhythms and cycles of Mother nature and the passing seasons. By celebrating, you attune yourself […]

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mystical swamp in spring time

woodland faes Laumes in Lithuanian mythology

My foreign friends and customers often came up with the question what is the meaning of Esu Laume. After finishing my last swampy wreath I decided to gather all the information which I have about this wonderful goddess of Lithuanian folk. Woodland faes Laumė is a woodland fae and beautiful goddess in Lithuanian mythology. She […]

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