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Welcome to the grounded swamp of eternal moonlight!

“Esu” – in Lithuanian language means – “I am”
“Laumė” is a woodland fae and beautiful goddess of Lithuanian mythology.

They live by the rivers, lakes, abandoned bath-houses, in isles of lakes or dense woods. Laumės likes to gather near rivers, lakes, swamps, in meadows and fields, where dew fell in night in New Moon or Full Moon.

Following senses of woodland and swamps Esu Laume is a place for Pagan, Witchcraft and Nature inspired home and altar decorations, wreaths, charms and gifts, bespoken spell jars and witchy besoms, enchanted Handfasting wreaths, halos, combs and hair pins, elvish diadems, vivid festival headbands, bridal floral crowns and whimsical pet collars and lots more besides – new stock added every few days! My creations are mainly inspired by woodland and wildflower world which I found though Wiccan mythology and practices.

My mission is to bring balance, love and magical vibes through my artwork. I give healing and clean energy to all my creations. Each of them are one of the kind, so I craft them with respect and love to the nature, so that new owners of the crafts could enjoy harmony of life and peacefully use their gifts from the Universe.

My creations are entirely handmade in my mini studio in Lithuanian village by the river. I often visit forests, meadows and swamps to gather the materials for my spells, wreaths, wands and besoms.
My work is inspired by Baltic pagans, Wicca lifestyle and mythology. Moreover, you can dig into my blog about a life of eclectic green witch, herbs, crystals, nature and Baltic pagan traditions.

I love working with crystals, tiny greenery, dry wildflowers, stems and stunning nature findings: such as lichen, moss, stones, bones and feathers, which I find during my wanderings in the woods. 

All the creations are cleaned, bathed and charged in the moonlight.

I will gladly work on custom makes, so if you want to add something special to your floral creation, write me the details and we will find a way to connect those missing pieces together.

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