Acorn Folklore

Acorn lore

The acorns are beginning to fall. They have long been used as magical, sacred tools by witches and were important to the ancient Celts and their priests: the druids.  For the druids, oaks are sacred and acorns symbolize the magic of rebirth.  Moreover, acorns are found in many traditions and myths: from the Nordic culture to Native Americans. According to Witchipedia, the druids, whom view acorns as a symbol of magic. In the earliest traditions acorns were used in many rituals and practices including Samhain Sabbath.

During the burning times, if one was a witch, it was a practice to give an acorn as a secret way of telling other witches. I have collected lots, some will go on my altar wreaths, some remain in my pocket to pass to other witches. I like the idea of passing acorns to others with a knowing smile.

Acorn charms have long been worn or carried about as protection.

Acorns protect from illness and disease, moreover they are also carried as protection from lightning or placed on windowsills. It is the reason why window blind pulls were often acorn shaped.

Witchy tips for Acorn magic

  • Take an acorn and plant it on the night of the new moon. If you do this, you will either receive a large sum of money or you will inherit the money.
  • To remain youthful, always carry an acorn in your pocket.
  • In order to cure rheumatism, put an acorn under your mattress .
  • Fairies must wear a cap of the acorn on their heads at night and gloves made of foxglove to keep themselves safe.
  • To attract a new lover anoint an acorn with oil and put it in your pocket or purse.
  • Plant an acorn under the light of the moon to bring luck and prosperity.
  • Put three drops of pine oil onto an acorn and plant it by your front door during the waxing moon for money.
  • The acorn belongs to the goddess Artemis and fertility. Place three acorns under the mattress to conceive.
Acorn is a very strong and powerful charm with multiple uses

Love spell

If you want to find out if you are meant to be with another person, find two acorns on the ground. Name one acorn after yourself and name the other acorn after the person you like. Drop the two acorns into a bowl of water and watch what they do. If they start to float together, you and your intended are meant to be. If the two acorns float apart, seek someone else.


All things considered, Acorn is a very strong and powerful charm given from the nature with multiple uses. When you gather acorns, say thank you to the oak, leave some for the wildlife and pass one on to a friend with a smile.

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